Scratch Marks on Trees: Literature

Fine. Accuse me of having too much time on my hands, but I have written some articles on that are summaries of literature. I have a few articles on British Literature and American Literature. I did this simply as an academic exercise. Maybe you’ll find it interesting or maybe even helpful for study.

British Literature

Old English Literature
The Celts lived where Britain and Ireland are today. [Read more]

Middle English Literature
In AD 1066, the Normans–descendants of the Scandinavians and the French–invaded England. [Read more]

Elizabethan Literature
During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, England experienced a Renaissance. [Read more]

Puritan Literature
The Monarchy was replaced by a Commonwealth with the help of a strict religious group called the Puritans. [Read more]

Neoclassical Literature
The Monoarchy was restored. “Reason” was the main influence of the day. [Read more]

Victorian Literature
The world became industrialized and urbanized. Literature focused on the relationship of the individual with society. [Read more]

Modern British Literature
The Modern era of British Literature begins at the end of the Victorian era and lasts until the end of the 20th Century. [Read more]

American Literature

Colonial Literature
People from Europe, especially England, began arriving on the east coast of what is today the United States of America. To encourage others to come over to the new world, these colonists would write about their experiences. [Read more]

American Revolution Literature
In the 1700’s, Philadelphia replaced Virginia and New England as the center of culture and literature of the new world. Writing played a large role in sowing the seeds of the colonies breaking away from British rule. [Read more]

American Romantic Literature
In reaction against the confines of Neoclassic thought, literature began to emphasize emotion and imagination. [Read more]

American Realism Literature
The Civil War had weaken idealistic thinking in literature. Searching society and observing everyday life, writers experimented with reporting what was real and normal in America. [Read more]

American Naturalism Literature
With the psychological theories of Freud, the scientific theories of Darwin, the politics of Marx and the rise of industrialism, literature took an amoral turn. [Read more]

American Modern Literature
Traditional modes of artistic expression were placed on the back burner during this time. Writers experimented with new techniques of narrative such as stream-of-consciousness writing. [Read more]

American Post-Modern Literature
During the second half of the twentieth-century, new forms of criticism emerged. [Read more]


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