The Reading Mediums

Several years ago, when I bought my Kindle, I felt like I was betraying the book publishing industry. Maybe I was. I got over it quick, though, because I love the convenience of reading a digital book. Now I read books on my iPad mini either through the Kindle app or through the public library’s […]

Books on writing I read in 2015

Every year I try and read a couple of books on the writing craft. I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but,  honestly, I love reading stuff on how to write fiction. Here is what I read in 2015: Planning a Novel, Script or Memoir by Hank Quense Quense offers practical tips on how […]

Fiction writing workshop: story structure

When planning a novel, the most helpful tool I’ve found is a thousands-year-old recipe called the three-act structure. It’s helped me plan out my novels more effectively than any fiction writing software. What is the three-act structure? Greek philosopher, Aristotle, came up with this structure. He said a good story has three acts: a beginning, […]

Writing Blog Roundup

Some articles on the writing craft I’ve read lately . . . How Story Structure Changed My Life – A Book Trailer for Structuring Your Novel. One thing I always stress to writers is the importance of writing subjects you’re passionate about . . . Read more. What Writer’s Can Learn from Movies about Writing. […]

Writing blog roundup

Some entries from blogs on writing that I’ve read lately: Does it matter where a writer lives: a big city or the countryside; a two-story house or a basement; a culturally diverse or monotonous neighborhood? Read more. Why Keeping a Journal is so Important for Writers and all Creative Types. Read more. The Art of Character: […]