Christ Simply: Who is this book for?

gospel-reading-1167792“Keep It Simple, Stupid.”

I’ve heard of the KISS principle for years, and I used it as my guide for creating my new book, Christ Simply.

Let’s go back to the beginning: I grew up in church. I attended a Christian university. I took courses in the Bible. I’ve worked for two Christian publishers. I’ve been on staff of a small church and a “mega-church.”

But I had never read through the life of Christ in chronological order.

Through osmosis, I  had put together the order of the life of Christ through the sermons, Sunday school lessons and personal Bible study I’ve done my whole life. But I had never read the story of Jesus Christ from birth through ascension.

So I did a little research and found several charts and articles on the web, and I spent a year and a half putting together my own parallel of the four gospels on my computer. Now, I didn’t do anything new. I know it’s been done a million times before.  But it was my own work.

What would mean more: a table you bought at Wal-Mart or a table you built with your bare hands?

That’s the idea behind this book. It has a simple structure: each page has an event from the life of Christ, and the reader is encouraged to keep his or her own journal of thoughts and  prayers. I have no commentary, just a few notes to help lead the reader. I kept it simple so the person reading it would not feel overwhelmed.

By encouraging the readers to do a little online research of their own, by suggesting they keep a journal as they go through the book, by asking them to look up where Galilee is on a New Testament map instead of just showing them, Christ Simply would bring forth a more meaningful end result the readers built with their own hands.

So, the next question is, who is Christ Simply for?

  • A new Christian. A person of any age who has just accepted Christ into their life may be interested in learning about the earthly life of their new Lord.
  • A young person who wants to know more. This book is put together in such a way, that a young person–or anyone–can customize their study in a way that works best for his or her learning style.
  • A non-believer. Even if a person does not believe Jesus is the Son of God, or even if that person believes Jesus Christ never even existed, this book can lead them through the historical documents–the four gospels–to give a complete picture for academic purposes. What they do with that information is up to them.
  • A veteran Christian. This would be the category I fall into. After reading through the life of Christ in chronological order, it renewed my love for the Son of God and made him more real to me.

518m-ne32cl__sx331_bo1204203200_Simple is better. Christ Simply, used in the correct way, can lay a foundation for further study of the life of Christ. It is my hope anyone who comes across this book will draw closer to our Lord.

Christ Simply is available both in print and for Kindle from


Christ Simply: A Chronological Self-Guided Study of the Life of Christ

518m-ne32cl__sx331_bo1204203200_My new book is now available on Amazon. If you or anyone you know wants to read through the life of Christ in chronological order, this book is an excellent guide.

This book would make an excellent gift for a new Christian or a young person who has just been baptized.

Christ Simply guides the reader through the life of Christ using the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  The five parts of the life of Christ covered in this book:

  • Jesus as a boy
  • Jesus begins his ministry
  • Jesus and his ministry in Galilee
  • Jesus and his ministry in Judea
  • The final week of Jesus and beyond.

The book is laid out simply and can be customized for a small group study. The person reading it can choose to keep a journal and answers questions.

The book is available in print or for Kindle.

Everyone is invited … this book is for anyone who has wanted to read through the life of Christ in chronological order. Anyone who wants to journal his or her thoughts reading through the life of Christ. Anyone who has wanted to be introduced to Jesus Christ for the first time. The invitation is always open.