How to Hack a Flashback: Secret Shortcuts of Bestselling Authors

Great article on writing flashbacks by author Christopher Kokoski.

Christopher Kokoski

Flashback Hack Blog Courtesy of Drew Coffman, Flikr – modifications mineLicenseTo Flashback like a bestselling author, you have to know the tools, tricks and “hacks”of how they translate the concept of a fuzzy literary device to the reality of words on the page. Bestselling authors know and use these hacks, and so can you – as soon as you know the secret sauce.

First, here is the Flashback Formula explained in a previous post. Keep this formula in mind as you continue to read the specific mechanics of bestseller flashbacks.

Flashback Formula

No time to read the whole article now? No problem. Save it for later, then glance at the infographic at the bottom of the article. It’s like your personal Cheat Sheet of Flashback Hacks.

Let’s get into the meat of the article. Here are the specific hacks that show you how authors who have consistently published 14 + bestselling novels craft…

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