How I build my vocabulary

If you’re interested in building your vocabulary, feel free to apply some or all of the technique I use:

  • Go to and sign up to receive the word of the day by email.
  • Go to Flashcard Machine and create an account. You can, however, use any online flashcard website.
  • When you receive an email with a word of the day, copy and paste the word, pronunciation and the sentence examples  on the front of a card.
  • On the back of the card, paste the definition of the word.
  • Study the cards front and back, or do what I do and use the  quiz function of Flashcard Machine. I quiz myself on five cards a day.

After a while, you’ll realize these words have incorporated themselves into your subconscious when you come across them in your reading.


Author: andrewmfriday

Two things I love to do the most include graphic design and writing. I was an editor at a publishing company for several years; I saw the graphic designers at work and thought, 'I'd like to do that.' So I went to art school. I love to read, write and draw. Yes, I am a creative nerd type. I like to read all kinds of books, but science fiction and fantasy is my guilty pleasure. Why am I keeping this blog? It's just a place to keep my thoughts. My brain is getting too full to store them all, so this place is a good annex.

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